1.  Introduction


Pasting paper, the important component used for continuous grid pasting technology of lead acid battery, is a kind of thin micro-fiberglass paper made by wet paper process.  Dali is a No. 1 super-thin fiberglass paper manufacturer in China. With advanced technology and equipment, Dali 0.06-0.2mm super-thin fiberglass paper occupied the majority market share in China.

The advantage of our pasting paper is better water absorption, high acid resistance, high mechanical strength and good chemical stability. Comparing cellulose pasting paper our pasting paper will not dissolved in acid, no gas will decomposed from the paper. The compression inside battery plate is stable, which guarantees high-rate discharge and long cycle life of VRLA battery.  


2.  Application


For the battery manufacturer if continuous grid pasting technology be used, the pasting paper should be applied. The application of pasting paper is to make the electrolyte distribute uniformly, enhanced strength of the plate, preventing the dropping of lead paste which may bring environment pollution, avoid the connection between plate and the equipment. The pasting paper can also be used as the separator of spirally wind lead fabric grid battery.


3. Technical Data Sheet



Basic weight

Acid absorption

Weight lose in acid

Tensile strength

Water content
















4. Package


Rolls size, inside plastic film, outer side carton box.


5. Contact


Jiangsu Dali Energy Saving Technology Co., LTD. 

TEL:0086 138 5158 0309    

longp@jsdljn.com,  zhaoyu@jsdljn.com

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