Michigan Approved Defensive Sprays

The defensive sprays above conform to the requirements of the State of Michigan. The one on the left is 10 grams, containing 5 one second bursts up to 12 feet at $14.95; all units feature a flip-top safety cap; the second from the left is a 17 gram unit containing 10 one second bursts up to 8-12 feet at $16.95; third one is a 10 gram unit that sprays 6-12 one second bursts, at $15.95. The fourth one is 10 grams, spraying up to 8-12 feet containing 10 one second bursts, at $17.95. All are subject to shipping & handling of $6 or 6% of any order over $100. We cannot ship these units to New York or outside the U. S.

Send orders to:
3879 E. 120th Ave. #272
Thornton, CO 80233
Phone: 720-346-4701
All checks or money orders payable to Ray Thomas

To keep our prices as low as possible we do not accept credit or debit cards. Please order through the mail using check or money order. We try to get your items to you within four working days.

Checks take 10 days to clear the first time you order. Money orders cleared right away and immediate shipping is possible. You can order several items and only pay one shipping and handling charge until you get to $100, at which time it is 6% of the cost of the order.

We carry hundreds of self-defense and security items. We also carry disguised security cameras and security systems (see elsewhere on this site). Full color 22 page catalogs containing all the items we carry $3 each. (deductible on your first order).