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These books and CDs can all save your life and property. The first two I wrote to alert you to what your own government is doing to you and which, if you "don't pay attention to politics," you may not even be aware of . In them, I name names and places, and events that can, and WILL affect you, to your harm, either physically, economically, or your right to make your own decisions about that which is more important to you. Articles on this web site do the same. Other books show you how to defend yourself from an attacker without the guns your government will not lewt you carry for self defense. Elsewhere on this site, you will find disguised self defense items you can use to enhance your ability to defend yourself. Most of these books show you how to do so without any kind of self defense item.

WHAT'S WRONG IN AMERICA! By Ray Thomas. There is a "cancer" eating away at the vitals of America and too few people can see it because most people pay no attention to politics until a couple of months before an election, when all the politicians are running ads (most of which are lying to you). He saw it in the sixties and has been fighting it ever since. He has written hundreds of articles about it and continues to do so in his two blogs, "The New THOMA$ REPORT" on Town Hall and "The Bull Cutter," on Blogspot. Reading these blogs is like being able to continue reading this book for as long as you wish. They keep you up-to-date on the problem and its progress, plus progress against it. The title is a statement, but it it also a question He could answer in one word. But it takes 216 pages and 22 chapters to prove it. This "cancer" has been working to kill this country since its inception. It doesn't matter if it's a "conspiracy" or not. The "cure" is the same in both cases. You'll learn the "name" of the "cancer" and how to "cure" it in this book. Depending on your situation, this book, and the knowledge it imparts, could keep you alive. It could keep you free to make your own decisions, rather than have to seek permission from a nameless, faceless bureaucrat to do that which should not be his/her permission to grant. $14.95 plus $3 s&h for a signed copy direct from the author. To purchase using a credit or debit card, (no autograph) go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

PAY ATTENTION TO POLITICS! Politics WILL pay attention to YOU. By Ray Thomas. One of the major reasons why we're in trouble now is because most people don't pay attention to politics. Some people are even PROUD of that. But not paying attention to politics is like looking away as a pickpocket steals your wallet. It's the main reason why we're in so much trouble now. These people, with NO knowledge concerning what Barak Hussein Obama was all about, listened to his lies and believed them, electing him to the highest office in the land, allowing him to gaily spend more money than there is, while our great-grandchildren will have to pay the bill when it comes due. Meanwhile he is moving us ever closer to collectivism (socialism, communism, fascism, etc.) every day. The story is actually very simple, and can be told in a "somewhat slim" book that can save your life and help you remain free by opening your eyes to what your own government is doing to you. One thing I do, everywhere I write, is SIMPLIFY everything as much as I can, to make IT EASY TO understand. Meanwhile, the liberals are working hard to COMPLICATE things so you will NOT be able to understand what they're doing to you. This is my second book, but should have been written first. $19.95 plus $3 s&h for a signed copy direct from the author. To purchase using a credit or debit card, (no autograph) go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

COMRAC BAS: By Chris Clugston. Amazing "new" (Re-Discovered) fighting system used by the gladiators in ancient Rome is super-easy to learn and MEGA-easy to use - and it kicks butt on every other martial art ever created. It even beats Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. It's true! There's a fighting system you've probably never heard about before that actually BEATS all the "Oriental" martial arts ever developed-hands down! It's the "lost" (but recently re-discovered) fighting style that was used by the gladiators of ancient Rome back in the time of Julius Caesar! These guys fought to the death every day of their lives - so they had to have a fighting method that would really work under actual "mortal combat" circumstances. And the system they developed is unlike anything you've ever seen or trained in before. And get this: It's known as "Comhrac Bás" - a Gaelic term that means "Death Fighting."! You won't believe your eyes when you see what you can do with "Comhrac Bás" fighting techniques. You can take everything you've ever learned in the martial arts and throw it out the window. Comhrac Bás makes everything else OBSOLETE! Comhrac Bas covers the really nasty stuff that will jettison you overnight into the world of the most elite fighters on the planet It's not uncommon for these martial arts "masters" to get the snot beat out of them by some crackhead who's trying to rob them for $10! The painful lesson that we all have to admit is simply this: The Oriental martial arts (yes, even Bruce Lee's "Jeet Kune Do") typically DO NOT WORK for the average guy in real life! $69.95 plus $6 s & h.

Why are black belts, boxers, Ju Jitsu wrestlers. and especially those silly macho "military" guys who claim to be so tough. scared to death when faced with these amazingly simple new fighting secrets? Well, let me tell you something. You need to hear this: Almost all those super-hyped fighting systems are pure over-rated garbage! Real fighting. especially the vicious, no-rules attacks and fights you're very likely to see in the street. has changed forever! Almost everything you know is obsolete, and I don't care how long you've been training or who you've trained with.

Worse, if you are ever forced to actually use anything you've learned--and if you're like 99% of the guys out there trying to put together a few "guaranteed" skills to protect yourself and your family--you will likely get hurt if you attempt to use any fancy stuff against an experienced street fighter or mugger. Every fighting system seen is just too complicated to master in a reasonable time (and they're just lying to you if they say different)! Those military guys are the worst too. anyone who knows the SEALS and Army "elite" special forces work knows these soldiers use weapons to fight with. NOT their hands! hand-to-hand street fighting is the least important skill they need or seek. and they learn a few "basic" hand-to-hand skills almost as an afterthought! The truth is, when these "elite" soldiers are pitted against an experienced, world-class street fighter, they lose!

We'd never, never want to feel what it's like to be on the other end of this amazing stuff! Nevertheless, once you see how it's done, you'll see that this new fighting system is Incredibly easy to master in short time! (People who have only been shown these moves--and never actually done them--have nevertheless had tremendous success in "crunch time" with devastating results for their attackers!). I've always gone out of my way to simplify the things those who want to complicate things to fool you try to complicate. So simple you can actually "learn it and forget it". and yet it will be there for you whenever you need it (There are only 6 components to the entire system. less to remember than most karate schools have for one fancy kick). In fact, you can learn more intense fighting skills in one short hour than you'd learn in a month of "formal" martial arts. And yet these fighting secrets require no special strength, speed or coordination to get started (Everything you need, Chris can teach you in about the time it takes to eat a big meal!). $97 plus $6 s&h.

I know that sounds like a lot of money. But what is your life worth? How about the ability to defend yourself in an instant, whatever your size, strength, or age?

THE SMALL MAN'S ADVANTAGE: In the most sizzling display of raw fighting savvy you'll ever witness, "little man" Taylor PROVES you can quickly learn ... and just as quickly use... his personal "Bag O' Nasty Tricks" to completely obliterate someone twice your size. In fact...these vicious tricks work best when you're outweighed, outsized and out-muscled by your opponent! If you are "size challenged", or usually find yourself looking up at people when they talk to you... this is the PERFECT fighting tactics system you could ever ask for. You don't need to be strong, or agile, or possess magic powers. In fact... your size is actually an ADVANTAGE in a fight. And if you're large size ... or even a big gorilla type... then you want to see Bob's tricks before you ever leave the house again. Because, if you don't understand the advantage a smaller man has against you, you're dead meat in a real fight. What's more... knowing these nasty "little guy" fighting tricks allows you to use them too. They are just as devastating when used by a big guy against another big guy... or a vicious small guy looking to punch your lights out. This ain't your normal martial arts, not by a long shot. Bob Taylor (he's only 5' 6" but dangerous as all get out.) developed hand-to-hand fighting skills that have won him the awesome and unreserved respect he now has in the fighting world.

Here's a sample of what you're about to see: Where the most vulnerable targets are on a big man ... spots you can easily get to without being touched by him in return; How to take out a larger attacker "in close"... without ever striking above his waist; How to crush any attacker's feet with a single stomp. (Do it wrong, as most martial artists do, and you'll just make him angrier. Do it the way Bob shows you, and his feet will collapse like socks full of crushed walnuts); How to use the psychological advantage you have against an attacker who thinks he's going to rip you up easily. (Big surprise for him, nice tidy 2-second fight for you); How to never get hurt yourself in a fight, even if you go against Mr. Universe; Why the most devastating head-butt you can deliver does NOT require any strength. (Bob demonstrates by wrapping four flooring tiles--"strength factor" of 11.2, more than a human skull!--with a layer of rubber to simulate skin... and then obliterating it with a single head-butt. Amazing proof you won't ever forget when you need it...); How to break his collar bone without using your fist! (A neat trick entirely new to martial arts); How to do more damage in a 2-second "flurry" of attacking strikes... than two men can usually do against one victim.

And a lot more. Bob reveals (for the first time) why he never cuts his left thumbnail (this will shock the hell out of you )... why he prefers to go against bigger opponents... why so many of the moves "regular" martial artists teach will actually hurt you as much as your opponent ... and all the sneaky "psychological" tricks he uses to fool opponents in the crucial first seconds of any fight. Don't miss out. It's the best stuff you'll ever see, if you're serious about fighting to win. But decide for yourself. $69.00 plus $6 s&h.

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